My Journey

Back in 2018 when I was a year 6 in primary school my class was given a project to start a small business with only $20 as part of the $20 BOSS program. For the first week or so of the project I had no idea what I wanted to do, but I knew I wanted to stand out from others who were doing things like baking cakes or mowing lawns. I knew If I could really stand out I could maybe even turn it into a fully functional business. Everyone always says, do something you enjoy, my favourite thing to do is surfing. So what product could I make that involves surfing? Surf Wax.

When I started to research how to make surf wax and how big companies mass produce it and the ingredients that are used in it, I was shocked to find that surf wax is made from a base of paraffin wax, which is the final byproduct of refining petroleum, in fact, it is so closely related to petroleum it used to only be available from petrol stations and only made by brands like Ampol.
When surfers use this wax the paraffin seeps into the ocean and harms our reefs, ecosystems and marine life. 95% of all surf wax on the market is made with these chemicals, meaning that around 25 million surfers are using these
waxes. I decided to try and make an all natural alternative.